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Crocodile Farming

many crocodiles in a crocodile farm

Despite being shown on your most memorable animal documentaries as the ferocious, patient, merciless and powerful predators many species of these reptilian descendants of dinosaurs are kept in Farms!

They are kept mainly for their meat and skin.

Nutrient composition of crocodilian meat – packed with energy, protein, and fat It also said to contain a significant amount of phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B12, niacin and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Alligator meat has been described as having a mild flavor and a firm texture with a mildly fishy flavor and is often chewy depending on how they were cooked.

What are crocodile skins used for?

Crocodile hides are used in the production of several luxurious products like handbags, shoes, belts, wallets, upholstery, and furniture. You have probably sat on a crocodile herd made couch.

In many countries worldwide they crocodile meat and skin is processed locally while in others they are exported.

Chameleon Farming


Before you start imagining a plate full of chameleon, these are mostly used as pets in many countries. These pet owners buy the chameleons from a reptile pet stores.

The reptile pet stores obtain chameleons from chameleon farmers.

With the intervention of the respective countries Wildlife authorities new farmers are trained on housing, feeding, breeding and maintenance of the reptiles.

They must qualify in healthy production and maintenance before they can be allowed to market and monetize this venture.

Snail farming.

many snails.

Now you can imagine these in a plate. Well despite being relatively common and edible snail farming still falls under this list since in majority of the parts of the world no one has snails coming to their mind as a domestic animal.

This type of Farming is also having a name to it. Heliciculture. this is defined as the practice of raising Snails for human consumption.

Snail meat and eggs are consumed as delicacies in carious parts of the world.

Snail slime – The snails mucus is also known to contain medicinal properties and used in cosmetics.What would you guess were the benefits of snail slime on your skin?

Silky milk Goat Farming

image of dairy goat / goat for milk
spider and spider silk

This is the farming of Dairy goat but not your usual goats.

These are goats genetically modified to produce milk from which spider silk can be extracted on large scale.

Why not just farm the spiders on their own? you may ask.

Well, the simple known answer is when kept within proximity these spiders will turn to cannibalism. Seems like these 8-legged creatures can’t stand neighbors hence leading to multiple failed attempts to farm them on any scale.

The silk from goat milk has been said to rival steel in terms of strength per weight. many potential applications have been mentioned for this kind spider silk, like new ligaments or bullet-proof materials for armor and even outfits.

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