Biotri Organic Foliar Fertilizer

KSh 30.00

Organic fast acting Foliar Fertilizer.


Biotri Organic foliar fertilizer is designed to be applied directly to the leaves of a plant by spraying Biotri Organic foliar fertilizer products are safe for use on food crops.
It is absorbed directly through the leaves of the plant. It works down to the roots but also stimulates activities in the leaves which in turn stimulates root development enhancing plants to demand more water hence better growth.
Biotri Organic foliar fertilizer increases uptake of nutrients from the soils by encouraging plants to take up more
It provides immediate benefit for a plant which may be suffering from deficiency.
By applying Biotri Organic foliar fertilizer more nutrients end up in plants rather than in the soil compared to solid fertilizer.
Biotri Organic foliar fertilizer must be diluted before
applying into a ratio of 100ml per every 20 litres of water.


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